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john daharsh... personal

i'm a husband and a father. i've been married 20 years to my wonderful wife, Nancy. we have 4 kids in elementary and high school.

i love the out-of-doors, and love to hunt and fish, but by far the most time is spent on our small farm, raising chickens for eggs and a few goats as well as growing as much as i can in our garden.

i've dabbled in various visual arts over the years, coordinating a local life drawing class for 5 years as well as diving into some studio potography. for a number of years i've also been an avid rockhound and have enjoyed exploring lapidary and some metalsmithing and making jewelry. these days, most all my free time is spent on our farm, trying to give our family the experience of enjoying rural living and raising plants and animals.

if you still want to know more about me, you can find me on facebook or follow me on twitter. my most recent rockhounding adventures and lapidary work can be found on this forum.

i own Western Ascent Inc - a software and technology consulting company located in Fort Collins, Colorado.